Python – Convert Dictionary to Dataclass

Convert Dictionary to Dataclass in Python

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert a dictionary into a dataclass object in Python.

Dataclasses provide a convenient way to manage and manipulate structured data, and converting a dictionary to a dataclass object can help simplify data handling.

To convert a given dictionary to a dataclass,

  1. Create a dataclass definition from the keys of the given dictionary.
  2. Create an instance of this dataclass from the dictionary.


1. Converting a given Dictionary to Dataclass object

In this example, we’ll convert a dictionary into a dataclass object using the make_dataclass function from the dataclasses module.

Python Program

from dataclasses import make_dataclass

# Define the dictionary
person_data = {
    "name": "Surya",
    "age": 25

# Convert dictionary to dataclass
Person = make_dataclass("Person", person_data.keys())
person = Person(**person_data)

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The make_dataclass function dynamically creates a dataclass with fields corresponding to the keys in the dictionary.


Person(name='Surya', age=25)


In this Python dataclasses tutorial, we learned how to convert a dictionary object into a dataclass object in Python using make_dataclass function of the dataclasses module.

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