Python Flask Tutorial


In Python, flask framework is used to build light web applications.

In this course, we present you the tutorials to get started with flask, and understand different concepts related to flask.

Flask Tutorials

There are many concepts that we need to cover on flask. We shall cover these concepts in the following tutorials.

  1. Python Flask Example
  2. Python Flask Routes
  3. Python Flask Templates
  4. Python Flask – Read form data from request
  5. Python Flask – Pass variables from Python code to templates for rendering
  6. Python Flask – Include CSS file
  7. Python Flask – If statement in HTML template
  8. Python Flask – For Loop in HTML template
  9. Python Flask – Include template in a template
  10. Python Flask – Accept only GET request
  11. Python Flask – Accept only POST request
  12. Python Flask – Accept POST or GET request
  13. Python Flask – Access URL query parameters
  14. Python Flask – Upload file
  15. Python Flask – Redirect URL
  16. Python Flask – API Example
  17. Python Flask – Set and Get Cookies


In this tutorial, we learned about flask Library in Python, learned how to build a flask application with the help of an example, and listed some flask tutorials that cover most encountered use cases when building a web application.

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