Access Properties of a Class Object in Python

Access Properties of Class Objects

We can access a property of a class object using dot operator. The expression to access the property of a class object is to specify the object name followed by dot operator followed by the property name.

For example, if object1 is a class object in Python, then the syntax of the expression to access its property property1 is


We can either read the value of this property, assign a new value to this property, or delete this property.


Let us take an example scenario where we have a class named Person with two properties: name, age.

We create an object person1 of type Person, with some initial values for its properties: Person('Mike', 22).

Now, we shall read the property name and print it to output. Then we update the property name with a new value and print the property’s value to output.

Python Program

class Person:
    def __init__(self, name="NA", age="0"): = name
        self.age = age

person1 = Person("Mike", 22)

# Read property value
personName =
print(personName) #Mike

# Update property value = "Mr. Mike"
print( #Mr. Mike
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Mr. Mike


In this Python Classes and Objects tutorial, we learned how to access properties of a class object.

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