How to Create Class in Python?

Python – Create Class

To define or create a class in Python, you can use the keyword class.

Simple example of a class

The syntax of a Python Class starts with the keyword class, followed by class name, and then a semi-colon character :. After an indentation we have the body of class. The body can contain properties and methods.

In the following example, we create a class with the identifier: Person.

class Person:
    name = ""
    age = 0
How to Create Class in Python?
  • This class is identified by the literal Person. This can also be called as class name or class identifier.
  • This class has two properties: name and age
  • The properties has been set with initial (or default) values: name with empty string and age with an integer value of 0.

Create class with methods

Now, let us extend the above example class Person, and add a method named printDetails() to the class. This method call does not take any parameters, however it uses the properties of the class instance.

class Person:
    name = ""
    age = 0

    def printDetails(self):
        print("\nPerson Details")
        print("Name :",
        print("Age  :", self.age)

The self parameter that is present in the printDetails(self) is the calling class instance. This is how, we have access to the calling class instance or object.


In this Python Classes and Objects tutorial, we learned how to write a class with some properties and methods.

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