Python Bitwise OR Operator

Bitwise OR Operator

Bitwise OR Operator is used to perform OR operation between two given operands at bit level.


The symbol of bitwise OR operator is |.


The syntax to do bitwise OR operation between the operands: x and y, is

x | y


The following is a simple example of how bitwise OR operation is done between two numbers.

x = 5
y = 20

# Bit level
    x = 00000101
    y = 00010100
x | y = 00010101

Therefore x | y = 21

In this following program, we take integer values in x, and y, and perform bitwise OR operation between them.

Python Program

x = 5
y = 20
output = x | y
print(f'{x} | {y} = {output}')
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5 | 20 = 21


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned about Bitwise OR Operator, and it’s usage with the help of examples.

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