Python in – Membership Operator

in Operator

in Membership Operator is used to check if specific value is present in given collection.


The syntax of in Operator with the operands is

x in collection

where x is a value, and collection is any collection of items like a list, tuple, set, string, etc.

in operator takes two operands as shown in the above expression. Left operand is the value, and right operand is the collection.

in operator returns a boolean value. If the element or value x is present in the collection, then the above expression returns a of True, or else the expression returns False.


In this example, we take a list of strings, and check if the value "mango" is present in this list, using in keyword.

Python Program

fruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'mango']
x = 'mango'
if x in fruits:
    print('x is in the given list.')
    print('x is not in the given list.')
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x is in the given list.


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned about in Membership Operator, and how to use it to check if specific element is present in a given collection.

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