Create a GIF with Pillow in Python

Pillow – Create GIF

To create a GIF from a list of images with Pillow library in Python, you can use function.

Steps to create a GIF image

Steps to convert a given color image to a grayscale image.

  1. Import Image module from Pillow library.
  2. Create a list of images that you want to include in the GIF. These are the list of image objects.
  3. Save the first image as a GIF file using, and set the save_all parameter to True. Pass the rest of images as a list to append_images parameter. Set the duration (in milliseconds) for each image in the animation, and loop=0 for looping indefinitely.


1. Convert list of images to GIF

In the following example, we take three images of size 500×500, and convert them into a GIF animation.

Python Program

from PIL import Image

# Take list of paths for images
image_path_list = ['dog-1.jpg', 'dog-2.jpg', 'dog-3.jpg']

# Create a list of image objects
image_list = [ for file in image_path_list]

# Save the first image as a GIF file
            append_images=image_list[1:], # append rest of the images
            duration=1000, # in milliseconds

Original Images




Resulting GIF image


In this Python Pillow Tutorial, we learned how to create a GIF image using, with the help of examples.

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