Python – Get Country Code from Phone Number

Get country code from phone number

To get country code from given phone number, parse the phone number to a PhoneNumber object, and read the country_code property.



1. Get country code from given phone number string

In the following program, we have a phone number string in variable phonenumber_string. We parse this string into a PhoneNumber object using phonenumbers.parse() function and store the object in x. Then we access the country_code property of this PhoneNumber object.

Python Program

import phonenumbers

# Take phone number in a string
phonenumber_string = "+442083661177"

# Parse the string to a PhoneNumber object
x = phonenumbers.parse(phonenumber_string)

# Get country code
code = x.country_code
print('Country code :', code)
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Country code : 44


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned how to get country code from given phone number using phonenumbers library, with the help of example programs.

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