Python Libraries


In this article, we provide a list of libraries that are grouped into categories based on the field of application, or type of usage.

Data science libraries

Data science libraries in Python offer a wide range of tools and functionalities for handling, analyzing, and visualizing data. These libraries are essential for tasks such as data manipulation, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

Image processing libraries

Image processing libraries are used for image manipulation, analysis, and computer vision.

Database libraries

The following Python libraries provide convenient interfaces for interacting with various types of databases.

Server libraries

These libraries provide functionality for handling network connections, routing requests, handling concurrency, and more.

Web Automation libraries

Web automation is used to automate browser actions, interact with web pages, and perform tasks such as web scraping and testing.

GUI libraries

These libraries are used to create desktop applications with graphical interfaces.


These libraries are generally used across different categories based on the requirement.

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