Python Pillow – Crop Image

Pillow – Crop Image

We can crop an image in Pillow, by calling Image.crop() function on the given image, with crop rectangle passed as argument.

Python Pillow – Crop Image

Syntax of crop() function

The syntax of crop() function from PIL.Image module is



boxThe box is a tuple of (left, upper, right, lower) pixel coordinate.


The function returns a PIL.Image.Image object.


1. Crop image in the ROI (50, 50, 200, 200)

In the following example, we read an image test_image.jpg with JPEG format into an Image object. Then, we crop this image with a crop rectangle of (50, 50, 200, 200) using Image.crop() function. We save the cropped image to a file cropped_image.jpg.

Python Program

from PIL import Image, ImageFilter
import numpy as np

# Open the image
image ="test_image.jpg")

# Rectangle bounds for cropping
box = (50, 50, 200, 200)

# Crop the image
cropped_image = image.crop(box)

# Save the cropped image"cropped_image.jpg")

Original Image [test_image.jpg]

Python Pillow - Convert image from JPEG to PNG Example - Output image

Resulting Image [cropped_image.jpg]

Python Pillow – Crop Image


In this Python Pillow Tutorial, we learned how to crop a given image where the crop is defined by a boundary box, using PIL.Image.crop() function, with the help of examples.

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