Python – Count the items with a specific value in the List

Count Items in List with a Given Value

To count the number of occurrences of items with a specific value in a list, you can call count() function on the list with the specific item passed as argument to the count() function.

Syntax – count()

Following is the syntax of count() function.

n = list.count(item)

count() function returns the number of occurrences of the item in this list.

Example 1: Count occurrences of Item in Python List

In the following example, we will create a list and find the number of occurrences of some of the items in the list.

Python Program

mylist = [6, 52, 74, 62, 85, 62, 62, 85, 6, 92, 74]

length_74 = mylist.count(74)
length_62 = mylist.count(62)
length_92 = mylist.count(92)

print('74 occurred', length_74, 'times in the list.')
print('62 occurred', length_62, 'times in the list.')
print('92 occurred', length_92, 'times in the list.')


74 occurred 2 times in the list.
62 occurred 3 times in the list.
92 occurred 1 times in the list.

The count() function takes exactly one argument.


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned how to count the number of times an item is present in a given list.