Get all Rows from Table in Python MySQL

Python MySQL – Get all rows from Table

To get all rows from MySQL table in Python,

  1. Create a connection to the MySQL database with user credentials and database name, using connect() function.
  2. Get cursor object to the database using cursor() function.
  3. Call execute() function on the cursor object, and pass the SELECT FROM table query.
  4. Call fetchall() function on the cursor object. The function returns an iterator to the records in the table. Each record is a tuple.


Consider that there is a schema named mydatabase in MySQL. The credentials to access this database are: user: root and password: admin1234, and there is a table named fruits in mydatabase.

Get all Rows from Table in Python MySQL

In the following program, we fetch all the records from fruits table and print them to output.

Python Program

import mysql.connector

mydb = mysql.connector.connect(

mycursor = mydb.cursor()

mycursor.execute("SELECT * FROM fruits")

myresult = mycursor.fetchall()

for row in myresult:


('Apple', 25, 'Canada')
('Avocado', 37, 'Mexico')
('Banana', 40, 'Mexico')
('Mango', 15, 'India')


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned how to get all the records from a table in MySQL database, from a Python program.

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