Exercises on Python Sets

The following exercises cover Sets in Python.

Exercise 1

Complete the syntax to create a set of strings, myset.

myset = 'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'

Exercise 2

Check if item 'banana' is present in the set, myset, using membership operator – in.

myset = {'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'}
if 'banana'  :
    print('banana is in the set.')

Exercise 3

Add an item 'mango' to the set myset using Set add() method.

myset = {'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'}

Exercise 4

Which method is used to add the items of a set set2 to the set set1?

set1 = {'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'}
set2 = {'mango', 'grapes', 'apple'}

Exercise 5

How to remove the item 'banana' form the set myset?

myset = {'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'}

Refer How to delete item from set in Python?

Exercise 6

Iterate over the items of the set myset using For loop.

myset = {'apple', 'banana', 'cherry'}
for item  :

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