Python – Get K length substrings of a string

Python – Get K length substrings of a given string

To get the substrings of a given String of a specific length in Python, iterate over the string across the length of the string for the specific length substrings.


In the following program, we read a string from user using input() function, and then find all the substrings of specified length.

1. Get substrings of specific length in a string using For Loop

In the following program, we define a function getKLengthSubStrings() that takes a string, and length of required substrings as parameters. The function returns a list, with all the substrings of given string, with the specified length. We use a For Loop to traverse from starting to end of the string, and find k-length strings.

We shall take an input string in x, and length of substrings in k, and then find the substrings by calling getKLengthSubStrings() function.

Python Program

def getKLengthSubStrings(x, k):
    allSubStrings = []

    for i in range(0, len(x) - k + 1):

    return allSubStrings

# Take an input string
x = 'apple'

# Take a length of substrings
k = 3

# Find all the substrings with specific length
result = getKLengthSubStrings(x, k)
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['app', 'ppl', 'ple']

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In this Python Tutorial, we learned how to find all the possible substrings of specified length in a given string.

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