How to Get Columns of Numeric Datatype from DataFrame?

Pandas DataFrame – Select Columns of Numeric Datatype

To select columns that are only of numeric datatype from a Pandas DataFrame, call DataFrame.select_dtypes() method and pass np.number or 'number' as argument for include parameter. The DataFrame.select_dtypes() method for this given argument returns a subset of this DataFrame with only numeric columns.

Syntax of select_datatypes()

The syntax to call select_datatypes() method of a DataFrame is

DataFrame.select_dtypes(include=None, exclude=None)


1. Select numeric columns from DataFrame

In this example, we have created a DataFrame and we shall get only those columns which are numeric using DataFrame.select_dtypes() method.

Python Program

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame(
    [['abc', 22, 22.6],
    ['xyz', 25, 23.2],
    ['pqr', 31, 30.5]],
    columns=['name', 'age', 'bmi'])

result = df.select_dtypes(include='number')
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   age   bmi
0   22  22.6
1   25  23.2
2   31  30.5

Only the columns with numeric datatype are selected from this DataFrame.


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned how to select only the numeric columns of DataFrame using DataFrame.select_dtypes() method.

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