Rename Directory in Python

Python – Rename Directory

To rename directory in Python, import os library, call os.rename() function, and pass old directory path and new directory path as arguments.

The syntax to call os.rename() function to rename a directory is

import os

os.rename('current_dir_path', 'new_dir_path')


In the following program, we will rename the directory “myfolder” to “myfolder_1”.

Original Directory

Python - Rename Directory

Python Program

import os

current_dir_name = 'old_directory_name'
new_dir_name = 'new_directory_name'

try :
	os.rename(current_dir_name, new_dir_name)
	print('Directory renamed successfully.')
except FileNotFoundError:
	print('Could not rename directory.')
	print('Directory not found.')
except PermissionError:
	print('Could not rename directory.')
	print('Issue with permission.')


Directory renamed successfully.

Renamed Directory

Python - Rename Directory


In this tutorial of Python Examples, we learned how to rename a directory using os.rename() function, with the help of examples.

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