Install OpenCV-Python on Mac

Steps to install OpenCV-Python on Mac

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install opencv-python library on you Mac using pip command in terminal.

Please follow the below steps to install OpenCV-Python library on you Mac.

1. Open Terminal.

Search from Terminal program. And Click on the Terminal.

A terminal window opens as shown in the following screenshot.

2. Run pip command.

Run the following pip command.

sudo pip install opencv-python

Enter the password if prompted.

The opencv-python library is successfully installed.

3. Check the installation.

You may run a simple program to import cv2 library, and read an image.

In the following program, we read an image and display the image dimensions.

Python Program

import cv2
# Read image
img = cv2.imread('test_image.jpg')
# Print image dimensions
print('Image Dimensions :', img.shape)


Image Dimensions : (452, 640, 3)


In this Python OpenCV Tutorial, you learned how to install OpenCV-Python library.

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