Tkinter Checkbutton – Disable

Tkinter Checkbutton – Disable

We can disable a Checkbutton widget in Tkinter using state option.

Tkinter Checkbutton - Disable
Tkinter Normal and Disabled Checkbutton widgets

To disable a Checkbutton widget in Tkinter, set its state option to DISABLED.

For example, in the following code snippet, we have created a Checkbutton which is disabled by setting the state option with tk.DISABLED.

tk.Checkbutton(window, text="Option 1", state=tk.DISABLED)

You can also disable the Checkbutton after creating it, by setting the state option as shown below.

checkbutton_1 = tk.Checkbutton(window, text="Option 1")
checkbutton_1['state'] = tk.DISABLED

In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable a Checkbutton using state option, with examples.


In the following GUI application, we shall create a Checkbutton widget, and disable it using state option.

Python Program

import tkinter as tk

# Create the main window
window = tk.Tk()

# Create the checkbutton widget
checkbutton_1 = tk.Checkbutton(window, text="Option 1")

# Disable the Checkbutton
checkbutton_1['state'] = tk.DISABLED

# Pack the checkbutton widget

# Start the Tkinter event loop

Output in MacOS

Tkinter Checkbutton - Disable - GUI Example


In this Python Tkinter tutorial, we have seen how to disable a Checkbutton widget, with examples.

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