Tkinter messagebox – Show Info

Tkinter messagebox – Show info

In Tkinter, the messagebox.showinfo() method is used display or show an information in a window or message box.

Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in Windows OS
Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in Windows OS

In this tutorial, you will learn how to display an information message to user using messagebox.showinfo() method in Tkinter, how an information message box is displayed in different operating systems, and an example program.

Syntax of messagebox.showinfo()

The syntax of showinfo() method is

messagebox.showinfo(title, message)


titleThis string is displayed as title of the message box. [How a title is displayed in message box depends on the Operating System. ]
messageThis string is displayed as information inside the message box.

How messagebox.showinfo() displays in different Operating Systems

The following screenshots show how an information message box appears in different operating systems.

messagebox.showinfo("Greeting", "Welcome to")

In Windows

Given title is displayed as the title of message box. Inside the message box, an info icon (white i mark with blue background in circular shape) is followed by the message.

Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in Windows OS
Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in Windows OS

In MacOS

Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in MacOS
Tkinter messagebox.showinfo() in MacOS

When you click on the OK button under the message, the message box disappears.


1. Show a welcome message

For example, consider that you have created a GUI application using Python Tkinter, and you would like to display a greeting message.

You can display the greeting message as an information in a message box, as shown in the following code.

Python Program

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox

# Create the main window
window = tk.Tk()

# Show an information message box
messagebox.showinfo("Greeting", "Welcome to")

# Run the application

Once the message box is displayed, you can click on the OK button. Then the message box disappears.


In Windows 10

Tkinter messagebox – Show Info

In MacOS.

Tkinter messagebox – Show Info


In this Python Tkinter tutorial, we learned how to display information in message box in Tkinter, with examples.

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