Tkinter Radiobutton – Clear Selection

Tkinter Radiobutton – Clear Selection

To clear the selection of Radiobutton widgets in Tkinter, set the variable for the Radiobutton group with an empty string. This will deselect all the radio buttons within the group.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clear the selection of radio buttons in a groups of Radiobutton widgets, in a Tk window, with example program.


In this example, we shall create a group of three Radiobutton widgets in a Tk window, and a Button widget Clear Selection. When user clicks on the button Clear Selection, the selected Radiobutton option is cleared, and the initial unselected state is set.


import tkinter as tk

def on_select():
    selected_option = radio_var.get()
    print(f"Selected option: {selected_option}")

# Create the main window
window = tk.Tk()

# Create a variable to hold the selected option
radio_var = tk.StringVar()

# Create Radiobuttons
radio_button1 = tk.Radiobutton(window, text="Option 1", variable=radio_var, value="Option 1", command=on_select)
radio_button2 = tk.Radiobutton(window, text="Option 2", variable=radio_var, value="Option 2", command=on_select)
radio_button3 = tk.Radiobutton(window, text="Option 3", variable=radio_var, value="Option 3", command=on_select)

# Pack the Radiobuttons

def clear_selection():
    print("Selection cleared")

# Clear selection button
clear_button = tk.Button(window, text="Clear Selection", command=clear_selection)

# Start the Tkinter event loop

Output in Windows

Output on MacOS

Tkinter Radiobutton - Clear selection - Example
Tkinter window with a Radiobutton group

User selects “Option 2” from.

Tkinter Radiobutton - Clear selection - Example - Step 2
Terminal Output on selection of an option from Radiobutton group
Terminal Output

User clicks on the the Clear Selection button.

Tkinter Radiobutton - Selection cleared
Tkinter Radiobutton – Selection cleared
Terminal Output on clearing the selection from Radiobutton group
Terminal Output


In this Python Tkinter tutorial, we learned how to clear the selection of Radiobutton widgets in a group, with examples.

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