Tkinter Messagebox

Tkinter messagebox

What is messagebox

In Tkinter, a messagebox is a pre-defined dialog box that provides a simple way to display messages or prompts to the user. It is commonly used to show information, warnings, errors, or to ask for confirmation from the user.

Show Information using messagebox in Windows
Show Information using messagebox in Windows
Show Information using messagebox in MacOS
Show Information using messagebox in MacOS

Import messagebox

To import messagebox from tkinter, user the following import statement.

from tkinter import messagebox

Types of messagebox

There are around seven types of message boxes based on the type of information presented in the message box, and the buttons displayed.

They are

How to create messagebox

The messagebox has following methods to create different message boxes mentioned above.

Use of messagebox

You can use messagebox for the following use cases.

Displaying Information

You can use messagebox.showinfo() to display a messagebox with informative content to the user. It can be used to show messages, notifications, or any other non-critical information.

Showing Warnings or Errors

The messagebox.showwarning() and messagebox.showerror() functions are used to display warning and error messages, respectively. These messageboxes typically alert the user about a potential issue or an error condition.

Tkinter Messagebox
Tkinter Messagebox

Confirming User Actions

messagebox.askquestion(), messagebox.askyesno(), and similar functions are used to ask the user for confirmation or to get a yes or no response. These messageboxes are often used when you want to prompt the user to confirm an action before proceeding.

Tkinter messagebox - Ask OK or Cancel
Tkinter messagebox - Ask Retry or Cancel
Tkinter messagebox - Ask Yes, No, or Cancel

In our next tutorials, we explain about the different types of message boxes in detail with examples.

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